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Are you ready for your next adventure? The sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Mykonos island await.

Discover the mysterious island of Delos and Rhenia

Situated North West of Mykonos, Rhenia Island offers breath-taking beaches where one can enjoy clear blue waters and relax away from the crowded beaches of Mykonos. Make sure you request from your captain a visit to Delos, the sacred island of antiquity and the birthplace of Apollo. An ancient centre of religious, political, and commercial life in the Aegean, Delos is perhaps the most important archaeological site in the Cyclades, dating from the Neolithic age to the Roman Empire. Delos is truly a unique experience not only for history and archaeology lovers, but also for enthusiasts of Greek mythology.

Cruise to Rhenia island (the northern part) followed by a lunch drop off at Isternia, a family owned Greek restaurant in a calm private bay, with a wonderful sea view as foreground. Unique menu presentation and exquisite taste await our guests on board! ched. Highly recommended, literally situated on the seaside with exquisite fish menus and other Greek delicacies, this stop will be one to remember!

The Sacred island of Delos

The island of Delos , near Mykonos, near the centre of the Cyclades archipelago, is one of the most important mythological, historical, and archaeological sites in Greece. The excavations in the island are among the most extensive in the Mediterranean; ongoing work takes place under the direction of the French School at Athens, and many of the artifacts found are on display at the Archaeological Museum of Delos and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Cruise to Delos island one of the Cyclades most ancient archeological sites, if not THE most ancient protected by Unesco, where visitors will be able to discover ancient remains dating from BC up to the roman empire _ Museum and entire remains of civilization. An ancient center of religious, political and economic life in the Aegean. Delos is truly a unique experience not only for history and archeological lovers, but also for the enthusiasts of Greek Mythology. (with guide or without for clients to advise) – Entry fee: 12 Euro per guests over 15 years old. Next on the itinerary a cruise to Rhenia a remote and peaceful island where guests on board will explore her unique blue green waters and snorkel as well as enjoy the privacy of her bay and their yacht. Possible lunch drops off: Jackie O with its unique location and amazing service as well as a variety of menus (gay friendly), where one can also enjoy their show, Tassos Tavern (Greek tavern located on the beach), Buddha Bar, ect