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Orestis Tsatsoulis

Luxury Villas with 5-star Hotel Amenities

In a tourist destination like Mykonos, where luxury, high aesthetics and the ultimate level of service are the norms, finding 5-star hotels or secluded and elegant villas is not too difficult. But what about the combination of both the privacy…
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3 Plus One Luxury Villas in Syros for Divine Vacations

Syros Island is another enchanting destination contained in the mosaic of the magical island complex of the Cyclades. As you already know through our previous article about outstanding properties in the neighbouring island of Mykonos, it was reasonable for us at Divine…
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The Top 4 Luxury Villas in Mykonos by Divine Property

In our eyes, Mykonos is a magical place that was created to serve a higher purpose, to captivate people's imagination and help them fulfil their dreams, and legends seemed to support our perspective.
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Corfu Fortress by Divine Property

TOP 6 Luxury Villas in Corfu For The Perfect Vacations

Ideal locations, astonishing views of the Ionian Sea, unique architecture, magical sunsets - which of these luxury villas in Corfu will be your reference point to explore the mythical island of the Phaeacians?
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