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We are Green

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. 

Participating in the continuous endeavors to preserve our beautiful and precious environment and its limited natural resources has become a driving purpose to our business and our staff. 

Our Divine offices and our team are constantly dedicating their best efforts into finding and implementing eco-friendly policies as well as adopting a lifestyle and a work ethic which can have a positive environmental impact. 

With the motivating goal of reaching an optimal level of ‘green’ efficiency during the year 2019, our company Divine Property and all of its offices are taking various steps to add their own contribution to protecting and nurturing our planet. 

Applying even the simplest steps and following an eco-friendly daily routine can create a transformation to our habitat and significantly improve our surroundings. Therefore, our business and our offices are implementing various work policies to inspire and lead our team, our partners and our valued clients to an efficient ‘green’ way of working and interacting.

To avoid unnecessary printing our team uses Cloud Computing to share and access information. For the same reason of reducing hard-copy printing, Divine Property is trying to implement a ‘paperless’ policy using online documents and signatures to interact with each other and our clients.

Our offices and all the properties under Divine management use eco-friendly cleaning material and products. Our employees our encouraged to use ‘real’ mugs, glasses, plates and cutlery instead of plastic ones. Our offices include recycling bins for recycling paper and plastic and we also recycle our electronic devices.

After all, a few steps can go a long way in changing the way we treat our unique and beautiful nature.