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Hospitality.. Behind the scenes

Hospitality.. behind the scenes

Hospitality and tourism are fascinating sectors. Hotels, villas, jets, cruiseships, restaurants, yachts and the list can go on.. But who is behind the scenes? Who is considered “employee of the month”? Best DOSM? The butler, Guest relation or Account Manager the guests want to privately hire back home or see next summer in the same property when they return?

Professionals choosing this path and are successful ,aren’t only  those following religiously the  procedures and guide books. They are personally travel passionates, international spirits craving to wonder, provide new experiences and offer same service in a  customized way . And outmost they are Hospitable.

I like the synonyms I found at, underlining that being hospitable gathers lots of traits and can’t be described in one word, emphasizing the complexity of our business  :



1. welcoming to guests or strangers

2. fond of entertaining

3. Disposed to treat guests with warmth and generosity.

2. Indicative of cordiality toward guests: hospitable act.

4Having an open mind; receptive: hospitable to new ideas.

5Favorable to growth and development; agreeable: hospitable environment.

The best time of my working calendar, it’s the end of the season’s sales reports, statistics and PnL meetings. Its not the numbers, which are of course important, but the socio-demographic and lifestyle analysis which hides beneath it, that I’ m really enjoying. All these reports help us in order to position our company ( Divine Property a luxury Real Estate & Villas Accommodation company) and draw the strategy of the upcoming year.

Wait, lifestyle analysis? How is it combined with PnL? Sure it does, when it comes to Mykonos. Yes, the island of Mykonos, where important volume of our business is located, is a cosmopolitan hub. Guests from all over the world come for a Myconian taste of summer breeze, ranking the destination not only among the top of the country ( income/average rate/traveler) but on a global leisure high end scale together with St Tropez  and Ibiza, where occupancy numbers climb up to 80%. July and August is usually sold out weeks ago. Where last minute requests for villas of 4000 euro a day pop up every 5 minutes by email, or phone call, what’s up, viber. Oh yeah… our guests and collaborators are personal with us, call us anytime, from any GMT zone ,since the vibe of the island automatically applies the “silent law” of 24/7. NYC might be the city that never sleeps, but Mykonos is certainly a sibling, as the island that never sleeps.

Lost in those sheets, after various combinations of variances, we can conclude and understand who ( origin & age ) , when (travel date), with whom ( friends, spouse, family) , where ( type of accommodation i.e. Villa and further subcategories) and what( preferences according to the requested services and input based on the daily “ guest history” reports ), in order to shape the new sales & marketing strategy.

Well.. this analysis may not seem to you that interesting or very different of a shoe company for example . But, here comes the key parameter of our sector and beyond any report and stat, its the indivual, with its own and unique characteristics and personality. From the driver waiting for you to finish your dinner or drink, the last 2 hours but having so much fun to be on the clock and greets you back with a smile and the simple question: have you had a good time? The housekeeper who will wait for you to wake up even at 2pm and change your bed with fresh linen, the smell of holiday when you return after your day on the beach for a nap or this power summer siesta.  The room service returning back to serve your breakfast at 1pm even if its requested at 11.30 am . All these people, front and back line, become a part of your vacations and do the outmost for you to have an amazing leisure time, you have been scheduled since winter time, while it was pouring outside and summer time was in your mind..

While, we, behind the scenes are brainstorming not only to offer you the best property, car, yacht, wedding party, but the most nice memory you will when once in Mykonos .. and memories are made of people ..

Till next time, Ya mas, "a wish upon good health”