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October in Mykonos… Why not?

October in Mykonos…  Why not?

Everyone knows Mykonos, and carries an image that accompanies the name, or holds a conception, or even a misconception about it.  Very few though are aware of the fact that Mykonos is not only the surplus face value that all the celebrities, and the international jet set add to it by visiting it every year during the high summer season.

Apart from the glamour, the never-ending parties at the beach bars and the nightclubs, Mykonos has many secrets that you would never find out unless you spend your vacations there in October. Why in October? Because something you don’t know is that during this month of the year the island group of Cyclades experience the so called second summer. That practically means that the weather is warm enough for you to enjoy the sea, and your time on the beach without the intense heat of the high summer season.

Going in Mykonos this time of the year will offer you the opportunity to uncover the superficial features of the island, and explore its very essence, by discovering all the secrets that remain hidden from the high season crowd. is the service you need in order to find your ideal accommodation and you are ready to experience the difference.

The magic of the autumn

Autumn is a unique season for a number of reasons. First of all, the nature itself becomes prettier before it dies, in order to reborn again. That transitional phase of nature creates a new dimension of its own.

The colors become more earthly and warm, the light shifts to a spectrum friendlier to the human eye, and smoothes out the contrast in the horizon. At the same time the smell of the air becomes thicker and more refreshing, and as a result you get to appreciate the depth of the changing environment.

Even the smell of the sea is getting more tangible, and makes its power even more evident. The sound changes as well. The high volume of the summer calms down just like a rapid heartbeat finds its way to its natural rhythm.  The same way nature calms down during the autumn, in the exact way it happens to humans as well.  The fast pace is getting back to normal, and that gives vital time and space for communication to replace misconduct.

The other side of Mykonos

Apart from its surplus value during the summer, Mykonos consists of its natural environment and the local population.  By taking under consideration though all the previously mentioned changes that both the natural environment and the people in it undergo, we can easily assume that Mykonos in October looks like an entire different place.

Thus, it provides an entire different experience in kind to all the visitors who chose to visit Mykonos in October.  In more detail, Mykonos in October gives the opportunity to the visitor to see and appreciate its physical beauty, which is something next to impossible during the peak of the summer crowds.  Without even realizing it the summer glamour gives its place to romanticism, and at the same time frenzy becomes peacefulness.

That magic process is complemented by a great chance to get in touch, and really connect with the locals. This fantastic opportunity can create a great and rear dimension that enables you to find out all the secrets, and the hidden treasures of the island first hand. The reason why this is possible to happen is the fact that you will not be perceived as a visitor, but as a true guest.  Can you imagine the prospect of that?  If you do, get more info here, book the accommodation that best suits you and get ready to experience the other side of Mykonos.