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The Top 4 Luxury Villas in Mykonos by Divine Property

In our eyes, Mykonos is a magical place that was created to serve a higher purpose, to captivate people's imagination and help them fulfil their dreams, and legends seemed to support our perspective.
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Corfu Fortress by Divine Property

TOP 6 Luxury Villas in Corfu For The Perfect Vacations

Ideal locations, astonishing views of the Ionian Sea, unique architecture, magical sunsets - which of these luxury villas in Corfu will be your reference point to explore the mythical island of the Phaeacians?
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Greece's Golden Visa by Divine Property

Greece's Golden Visa: "A Success Story"

Greece's golden visa program, as we have already noticed in our previous article, was and remains one of the most successful interventions by the Greek authorities to re-energize investment interest in the national real estate market.
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Top 5 Real Estate Market Trends by Divine Property

Top 5 Real Estate Market Trends

In our previous article, we share statistics and insights that make us optimistic about the rebound and the progression of Greek and especially the Athenian real estate market. Now is the time to think globally and talk about the most…
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