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Santorini is one of the most amazing and romantic Cycladic islands, not only for its natural beauty, but also for the outstanding architecture, the popular sunset, and the narrow streets featuring the whitewashed traditional Cycladic houses with blue roofs, and a wide selection of shops for all tastes, including a great range with jewelry stores.

Divine Property’s luxury selection of Villas in Santorini for rent features beautiful villas, located in idyllic locations offering caldera views, sunset views, and sea views, for a very romantic getaway or a unique stay experience with your family and friends!

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Santorini offers the most popular sunset, which you may view from the picturesque village of Oia (within 10km away from Fira) with narrow streets, a main characteristic of the Cycladic islands, (looks like a maze), to protect the inhabitants during the ancient times, from the invasion of pirates and the wind.

During the evening hours, you should not miss enjoying your drinks or dinner from the village of Fira, offering gorgeous views over the caldera, the volcano.

Fira is the capital of Santorini.

The village of Pyrgos which is set on the highest hill of Santorini offers outstanding panoramic views over the whole island.

The prehistoric city in Akrotiri is very well preserved, a very unique and beautiful area, worthy to visit during your stay in Santorini.

Some of the most popular beach areas in Santorini are Perissa black sand beach, Perivolos beach, Red beach, White beach, and Vlychada beach.

This outstanding island features unique cave style properties, mostly in Oia.

The story goes back 200 years ago, where the wealthy people used to live and built houses from the one side of Oia’s village, and from the other side of Oia (offering views over the caldera/volcano), there was a cliff.

Sailors, who could not afford to build their own houses, begun to build their homes inside the caves (with the basic facilities), on the cliff side of Oia’s village, and on top of one cave, more and more sailors built cave style houses (always with the most basic features), and finally this side of Oia has been resulted to be the most popular area with very expensive cave style properties, all over Europe.

Most of the products they grow are of excellent quality and taste because the soil is volcanic. Examples of Santorini’s best quality products include cherry tomatoes, pistachios, and wines. A very popular and best quality sweet wine is called “Vinsanto”.

This excellent quality of Santorini products derives after a specific procedure, whereas they do not allow their vine to grow in height, in order to retain moisture from the soil, so that the crops with tomatoes and peanuts are watered by the soil moisture.

Santorini is considered a top tourism destination for travelers all over the world, a very seductive and unique island with whitewashed houses, the blue domes in the churches, endless blue sea views, the beaches featuring black sand!

Contact one of our villa specialists to assist you in finding the best available villas for rent in Santorini, for a dreamy and memorable summer experience in 2021!