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OPENING DAY: 12/05/2019

17:00pm – 23:00pm

Scorpios is ready for a fresh season to come, including famous artists and interpretations, ready to explore mind-altering techniques!

Scorpios partnership with Soho House & Co., this month will master the creative soul.

Mondays – Origins

Every Monday will provide a journey to unravel in the sands, a creative discovery with emphasis on electronic sounds with vocals and instrumentals.

Wednesdays – Metamorphosis

Tired of waiting? Wednesdays Metamorphosis transforms a basic rhythm into a new sound experience – from opera to electro beats – experience this challenging stage

Fridays – Scorpios Unplugged

Fridays at Scorpios are to whisper around, connect with friends and strangers, dancing barefoot, caressed by the sun rays.

Saturdays – Scorpios World

The popular DJ Valeron and his live band, is a highly absorbing endeavor aiming at the cultivation of a truly universal genre combining music of different cultural origins and traditions.

Scorpios Restaurant

Reflecting the belief “We are what we eat” Scorpios cuisine creates inspired meals based on our pure Mediterranean diet.

Let us organize for you a momentum Scorpios Experience!