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Discover the other side of Mykonos

Visit Delos & Rhenia

An extraordinary and momentum experience waits for you while visiting the sacred place of Delos, offering great energy and a unique sense of freedom.

Select a private rib to escort you to the momentum, archaeological and inhabitant Island of Delos, (within 20 minutes by boat from Mykonos), whereas there is an entrance fee, and while entering Delos, you will find the archaeological site and ruins, the museum with many mosaics, the popular Lion’s statues, and other ancient findings of Mykonos wider area.

Upon reaching the Hill of Delos Island, you will be offered unsurpassed sea views and views over the Cycladic Islands.

Delos, was the economic and commercial center of the Athenian Democracy, during the 5th century B.C. and the birthplace of the goddess of hunting, Artemis, and god of light Apollo.

Rhenia is an inhabitant Island right next to Delos, and it was the ancient burial grounds of warriors of the people who died in Delos. Rhenia Island offers mesmerizing, crystal clear blue waters to enjoy nice swimming.


Wine tasting

Escape and unwind on a majestic journey with unique wine tastes in a beautiful setting in Ano Mera. The old vineyard, simple tastes of the Cycladic, healthy grapes and the high-quality wine is an experience worth living once in Mykonos. Learn about the cultivation and winemaking in the historic monastery vineyard of Maou.



Experience a memorable and safe horse riding experience in Mykonos! Our collaborative professional team will offer you the chance to discover the untouched places of Mykonos, starting from Ano Mera to Fokos beach, a 2-3 hour journey. The experienced guides will offer you a relaxing and comfortable ride, through the distinctive landscape of Mykonos. With respect to each rider’s needs, and for beginners, the professional guides promise a safe ride, providing all the necessary safety equipment, to explore and meet the natural beauty of Mykonos.


Isolated beach areas

Escape from Mykonos hustle and bustle, by visiting the secluded beach areas in Mykonos, offering peacefulness, and quiet moments, with no music, no sunbeds available.

The most well-known examples that best represent the secluded and remote beach areas in Mykonos are Fokos Beach/Mirsini, Merchia, Kapari offering amazing sunset views, and views over Delos Island, Agios Sostis, Loulos (very close to Kalo Livadi beach), Fragia, and Choulakia.

Keep in mind that the road to reach the secluded beach areas in Mykonos is steep, and rough, but still reachable with a regular vehicle.


Jeep Safari

Explore and visit the remote corners of Mykonos with a guided Jeep Safari, a tour lasting approximately 8 hours, a full-day excursion.

Visit Mykonos isolated beach areas, small villages, and untouched, virgin Mykonos areas, learn about local agriculture, small harbors.


Visit Ano Mera

Ano Mera in Mykonos is a picturesque, inland village of Mykonos, quiet during the daytime and busier during the evening, because of the traditional taverns, ouzeri, bakeries, outdoor sitting areas, with a rustic-chic architecture, very popular spot, for the locals.

Here, you may also found outdoor kiosks with traditional pottery, local products, souvenirs, and handmade textile, woven.

In Ano Mera you can find the restored Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, built in the 16th century, featuring holly icons, paintings, an impressive bell tower, and a marble fountain.

Enjoy a traditional festive in Ano Mera, on the 23rd of August, with live traditional music, dancing,  food, and drinks.