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Her jagged edges and sun drenched face appears to float on the azure blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The supernatural vision sets your mind to travel. So many adventures began in these waters. So many stories were inspired by the place you now stand… surely Odysseus was blown here by high winds? Perhaps he had a swim from the quiet beach below? An ancient map comes to life under your feet drawn on the sand. If you kick a stone, you might turn up long lost treasure. You look out to sea and trace the ancient trade routes. You imagine wooden ships plying the waters carrying excellent wine and olive oil for delivery in distant ports. You catch the smell of perfumes and spices from throughout the Mediterranean. You see rare fabrics dyed in brilliant colors. You glimpse adventurers who traveled the whole world and, like you, stopped on this shore to take a rest. So much fame and fortune have passed through this place, and yet this precious little island far away from home welcomes you to her port with a celebration every night. A place of mysterious beauty, brilliant sun, warm waters, and cool breezes. A place that becomes your second home…

Mykonos is located at the center of the Cycladic Islands, a collection of famous and unique destinations. While all the islands have their own special character, Mykonos distinguishes itself as a world-class and cosmopolitan paradise with fabulous restaurants and hotels, excellent beaches, and exciting nightlife. It is an equally ideal place for romantic getaways or traveling with friends and family, including attractions for guests of all ages.

The Chora of Mykonos stands apart for its numerous narrow walkways that wind into each other, spilling over with designer boutiques and hip clubs for every taste, and hidden gardens where you can take a meal or catch a movie.