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Golden Visa by investing in Greece

Greece, the land of Gods, is a country that evokes vivid images of glorious summer sunshine, endless sapphire skies and seas, sandy glowing beaches, faces of smiling people and a soothing way of life. It is a global destination and the center of interest of a plethora of different investment opportunities.

Whether you are looking for your dream vacation home in a majestic Greek island or a safe and profitable investment opportunity with a stable income stream and the incomparable advantage of a Golden Visa for you and your family, the Divine Property team will generously offer you the finest options.

Investing in Greece offers you the significant advantage of acquiring the Greek residency and consequently Schengen access also called ‘’Golden Visa’’  under law 4146/20 in 2013 on acquiring property in Greece. A residence permit is any documentation issued by the Greek authorities, according to which a third country citizen is given the right to legally reside within Greek territory in accordance with the provisions of the European Union. The Greek Residency program is the most affordable in Europe since it only requires an investment of 250,000 euro and above per family, without any obligation to stay in Greece to maintain residency offering the residency to all family members including the investor’s parents as well as visa free access to all Schengen countries. Our team facilitates the application and granting of the permit and provides guidance during the short process and investors and their family members can obtain the permit hassle-free without any delays from the day of the property purchase and maintain it for as long as they remain in ownership of the property. The process has been simplified to avoid any bureaucracy issues.

   This opportunity provides a bonus incentive to non-EU citizens to consider Greece and its magnificent islands and cities as the ultimate investment option as well as a dream vacation home.