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Local transportation in Mykonos: The taxi case

In case you are not the type of person who prefers to move around with your personal jet, you most probably will visit Mykonos for your summer vacations either by plane or a ferry. After your arrival in the famous Island of the Winds, you will need to be transported to your accommodation in order to eagerly get settled, and start enjoying your unforgettable time there.

Right before your arrival you took the time to search for the basic information concerning the available transportation choices that you may have once there. During this kind of preparation, you came across several posts and ranking lists in several sites and blogs, and you probably got confused! Don’t worry though. It is only natural to get frustrated or even anxious during that process as some of the individuals that got in Mykonos, and there are millions each and every year, throughout the years happened to face some difficulties or delays with their transportation, especially when it comes to taxis. That is very likely, and normal considering the amount of people that visit the island. Statistically speaking though, the rates of the dissatisfied taxi customers are really low.

Indeed, Mykonos contains only thirty-three taxi vehicles in total, and in high season the crowd far exceeds the island’s capacity to properly serve all its guests, and their transportation needs.   On the other hand, though, there are many other options that have been designed to cover the increased high season needs and expectations.

The most vital decision that you come across is to find the right luxury villas in Greece that matches your expectations, as the transportation would definitely not be a problem at all.  At that point, let’s clarify some misleading information, and false rumors that are spread through the internet.

Myths and reality

Myth no 1: You cannot find a taxi to get you from the airport to your final destination.

Reality:  This is an extremely exaggerated and misleading statement. Of course, during the peak of the island’s high season a healthy amount of patience is absolutely necessary in order to remain calm during the waiting time in the line. Don’t be panicked though, the queues are fairly reasonable in length.

Myth no 2: There are only a few taxis available in the island.

Reality: This is true.  As mentioned before there are thirty-three taxis in the island, but as you will realize later on your options are not exhausted, or limited to that option.

Myth no 3: The taxi drivers don’t really know their way around the island, and/or they don’t speak English.

Reality:  Please allow me to say that these statements are both ridiculous, and hilarious!  The taxi drivers are experienced professionals, and they would be incapable to perform even for a day in that job without knowing either of the two. 

Myth no 4: The taxi drivers are taking advantage of their clients by ripping them off.

Reality:  This is another offensive statement that needs to be corrected.  During the period that Mykonos becomes overcrowded the prices are getting higher. That is a classic supply and demand practice, as it happens with all the other services that are being offered in the high seasons everywhere around the world.  There is no such a thing as ripping off the clients, and if sometime something like that happened, it would have been an isolated incident.   

Some other transportation options

The fact is that you should not believe each and every comment that you may read online.  Trust the legitimate business sites like DivineProperty, which can guarantee you the services they provide.

In closing, apart from all that, the island includes a plethora of other transformation options; namely, you can choose between the very many private chauffeur services, you can always rent a car or a motorcycle, and last but not least, you have the option of choosing a water taxi, which is basically a boat, in order to get around the island.