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Must do and see in Mykonos

Mykonos is an experience in itself. It is not only about the things that this island is famous for, things that we all have read in blogs, and in fancy magazines, or we have heard in lively stories from our friends. Mykonos above everything else is a feeling, which is only generated in full range when all our five senses are getting in motion. 

There are too many sources of information that you can come across, which try to capture and provide guidance as for where to go, and what to do if you are about to spend your summer vacations in the Island of the Winds.  But as you may know, such a place is not fully appreciated by the cool photos that you take and post. Such a magical place has to offer so much more. The only thing you can do is to choose one of the amazing luxury villas that suits you best, and let yourself enjoy the Mykonian vibe, and let us help you with that.

Must do in Mykonos

First things first, in order to feel the Mykonian rhythm you don’t just have to attend a party in one of its famous beach bars. Literally, that would be a blasphemy. To the contrary, in order to live this exciting experience, you must dance yourself out until the sun rises again. Then and only then you would get the absolute ecstasy of the moment. Secondly, once in the island, you would notice soon enough that the place constitutes the absolute windsurfing hot spot. The fact that you are not an experienced surfer is absolutely irrelevant, as Mykonos provides the right conditions for you to try to learn how to surf.  It would be a pity if you miss that chance!

Thirdly, if you are not the hiking type you still get the opportunity to explore the island’s secrets by on a scooter. Just rent one and hit the road. Moving on, another refreshing experience in Mykonos is a visit in the Armenistis Lighthouse. The combination of the breath taking scenery, and the roughness until you get there creates a worthwhile adventure.  Last but not least, if you don’t do anything of the above is quite forgivable. But not taking a day trip to Delos is frankly unexcused. This tiny island is thirty minutes away from the old harbor of Mykonos by ferry, and constitutes an emblem of the Western civilization.  Thus, do not miss it!

Must see in Mykonos

It is once again time to let provide you with the kind of luxury you are looking for, and open your eyes in order to see what else Mykonos can offer. Namely, one of the island’s cool things to see is a pink pelican, which is the free and proud mascot of Mykonos.  You can spot one wondering around the small alleys or at the waterfront.  Another view worth seeing with your own eyes is the remote beaches.  Find one of the many when on the road, and choose to taste a meze with ouzo in a local tavern. 

Moving on, don’t miss one of the greatest events that are taking place in Mykonos, with high artistic and entertaining value. That is one out of the many drag shows on the beach.  Whether you are or you are not into that scene the experience is great.  In closing, an absolute must see in Mykonos constitute the museums. In more detail, the island contains three famous and quite popular ones. Namely, the Folk museum, which contains three separate branches and is located in Chora, the Archaeological museum which is located in the Chora’s harbor, and Aegean Maritime Museum which is also located in the center of Chora. 

In closing, don’t forget your sun cream, and have fun experiencing Mykonos’s refreshing vibe!