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Mykonos- A piece of heaven for those who crave the extraordinary

Mykonos: A piece of heaven for those who crave the extraordinary

Many articles, tourist guides, and tributes have been dedicated to Mykonos, a small island located in the center of the Greek island complex, named Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea.  For those who have visited Mykonos all the fuss is both understandable and justified, while for those who haven’t been there yet, the excitement may be characterized as kind of obsessive.  For that matter, let us try to explore why Mykonos has that effect on people from all around the globe.

The myth

Due to the Greek mythology, there are two substantial references to the island.  The first one, indicates its very creation, and places it to the battle between Zeus and the giants. According to that myth, the gods brought the giants to the ground, and Hercules, by using his arrows, which were dipped into the Lernaean Hydra’s poisonous blood, killed them, and buried them under the rocks of the island. The second mythological reference, relates to the origins of the island’s name. On the grounds of that legend, the island was named Mykonos after the son of the king of Delos, the hero Mykonos. 

More than three thousand years have passed from the first mythological attributes to Mykonos, but its myth stays alive, and still unfolds to this day.  Of course, this is not a coincidence! It’s almost magical effect on people is originated to the combination of its two critical aspects, namely, its beauty, and its atmosphere. You can experience both while you are enjoying the personal and unlimited services of Divine Property, in order to help you organize your dream vacations in Mykonos.   

The beauty

To begin with, the “island of the winds”, as Mykonos is often referred to, is landmarked by its gorgeous town or Hora.  The characteristic architectural style with the white cubic houses and their blue or red doors and windows create a fantastic memorable pattern.  A visitor can walk along the narrow alleys to appreciate the houses, and be amazed by the countless bougainvillea trees.  The town is also known for its Windmills, which can be seen from almost every spot of the Hora, and the Little Venice, which is a spot full of cafés and restaurants, and constitutes the most photographed area of Mykonos. 

The island’s beauty though is not exhausted to its Hora.  The absolute requirement for great summer vacations is the beach.  Mykonos offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to its beaches, enough to cover even the most demanding tastes.  Whether you are the type who enjoys remote natural beaches with turquoise waters, or the one who fit in a glamorous scene with well organized beach bars, clubs and restaurants, at least one of the thirty different beach choices will be ideal for you. As for the accommodation, the visitors have the opportunity to choose to stay either to Mykonos city, or to another area, in a village close to the sea, or to a secluded area.

The atmosphere  

It’s not only the beauty that makes Mykonos mythical.  It’s the unique atmosphere that uplifts the aesthetic value of the island, which is directly reflected to the locals’ warm smiles, and sincere welcome on your arrival.  The famous Greek hospitality is particularly evident in Mykonos, and it is accompanied with a cosmopolitan sentiment that constitutes the island a place for everyone irrespective of race, gender or sexual orientation.

Additionally, perhaps the most accurate synonym of Mykonos is partying.  Yes, in Mykonos there are no parties in the classical sense, as there is no ending part.  Party in Mykonos is justified as a non-stop process, which involves clubbing and dancing day and night. Of course, we should not forget that the island hosts some of the most famous club venues globally, like that of Cavo Paradiso.

Last but not least, if partying is the synonym of Mykonos, then luxury is definitely its taste. Indeed, with the first glimpse a visitor can easily understand how high the standards are in all of its dimensions. From the glamorous villas, which you can check over here, the five star hotels, and the award-winning restaurants, this island is the place to spoil yourself without any guilt.