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National Philanthropy Day: Celebrating & Embracing The Cause

National Philanthropy Day: Celebrating and Embracing the Cause

Divine Property Donations Program 2019

"You cannot mandate philanthropy. It has to come from within, and when it does, it is deeply satisfying."

Azim Premji

As a Greek company, we are proud to say that "Philanthropy" - the love for humanity, is a Greek word that represents the selfless interest of fellow beings and first appears in this context by the famous philosopher Socrates in 390BC.

Through the centuries, philanthropy has been and continues to appear in various forms, from individual initiatives and donations to corporate politics, NGOs and international movements/actions.

Divine Property’s Calendar note for the national philanthropy day
15th of November: National Philanthropy Day

Based on these notions, November 15th was recognized as the "National Philanthropy Day" originally in the US, thanks to the continued efforts of a notable philanthropist and lawyer named Douglas Freeman in 1986.

The purpose of this day is to celebrate those who are dedicated philanthropists and their actions that making the world a better place and assure a more sustainable and optimistic future for all of us.

The purpose of this day is to celebrate those who are dedicated philanthropists and their actions that making the world a better place and assure a more sustainable and optimistic future for all of us.

Divine Property wishes to contribute to the remarkable efforts made by major organizations dedicated to providing support and assistance to our less fortunate fellow citizens and to the brave people who excel in the daily struggles of life.

Therefore, our company has decided to donate to the following respected organizations the amount of 20 euro for each booking made through Divine Property for the year 2020 for all our properties and destinations. Our deepest ambition and motivation is to be part of a generous fellowship dedicated to providing people with a valuable and comprehensive support system and thus, contributing to the enrichment of our world as a whole and to the expression of unconditional and unlimited love for mankind. In the same context, and as we firmly believe that solidarity and charity are not measured by the amount of money one donates, we would like to encourage each of you to put your own brick on the new world each of us envies, by making a donation to the remarkable organizations below:

Doctors of The World-Greece

This medical-humanitarian organization was founded in 1990 and spreads its activities across the globe, from Japan and Argentina to Turkey and the US.

The fundamental principle of the organization is that humanitarian/medical assistance actions do not separate and do not make exceptions according to anyone’s gender, race, sexual orientations, political or religious beliefs, etc.

Support Doctors of the world by following the following link:

SOS Children’s Villages-Greece

Another notable organization with main mission to help families to formulate a caring and healthy environment for their children. However, if that is not possible, this NGO undertakes the heavy work of raising and educating these children. The organization operates multiple structures from Children’s villages and youth centers to creative workshops and educational centers. 

Support children and make the future society better, here

Ark of the World

Ark of the word is an organization that became reality due to the continued efforts of Father (Priest) Antonios. The organization provides support and protects mothers and children and at the same time, it is highly prioritizing the education of those children. During the last years, the Greek society has recognized and embraced the work of the ark and we hope you do the same by following the link below:


P.S.: As a brand dedicated to Luxury, we can share with you our belief that the quintessence of luxury is to create a heavenly world for us and our children...

With endless hope,                                                                                                         

Divine Property Team