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September in Mykonos: Experience, explore, enjoy!

September in Mykonos: Experience, explore, enjoy!

When we refer to Mykonos, the thoughts which automatically come to mind are almost stereotypical.  Namely, that we are talking about a frenzy island, full of glam, and immensely crowded in such levels, which barely allow the visitors to walk their way around the beautiful narrow alleys of the cosmopolitan Mykonos Town. 

Nevertheless, these very clichéd thoughts portray a great deal of truth, as the island is famous for its popularity among tourists, its beaches, its beach bars along with the nightclubs, and its myth around the clock parties. All these features are indeed happening during the high tourist season, which takes place from early June to late August.  This is exactly the period of time where the peak summer crowds are taking over. 

Needless to say though, that the precise tourist season in Mykonos lasts from late May to mid-October.  Having said that, it is worth exploring what is happening in the island during the autumn, and especially in September, right after the hectic period.

The weather

There is only good news considering the key variable of the weather during the first month of autumn.  In more detail, there is nothing to be afraid of, or hesitate about as the temperature in September ranges from 20 degrees (i.e. over 68 F) to 28 (i.e. over 82 F), while the sea reaches the ideal temperature which is approximately 25 degrees (i.e. 77 F), and creates the perfect conditions for swimming. Another fortunate fact is that rain during this month is more than unlikely; thus, the overall weather conditions render the idea of visiting Mykonos in September even more appealing, especially if you are not the type who enjoys the shoulder to shoulder scene.

The bonus

Going to such a glamorous island when the high summer season is over comes with a great deal of advantages.  More specifically, you can appreciate best quality services when it comes to accommodation, and fine dining in the most attractive prices.  Divine Property S.A. is the place to find the most luxurious accommodation services in order to fully understand what value for money really stands for.

The next best thing, which fully qualifies as an extra bonus is the opportunity to shop high end products, whether they are fashion items, jewelry, or accessories in surprisingly affordable prices, as the boutique shops that offer them are preparing for the end of season.

The atmosphere

In case you have not been convinced to book your vacation in September yet, let us describe the overall atmosphere that you will miss if you refuse to try Mykonos in autumn.  With the hottest destinations still open, combined with the absence of the extreme crowd, the scene offers the ultimate chill out in luxury experience that you will ever get to enjoy.  Additionally, another great aspect is that you will get to enjoy your privacy along with your personal space even on the beach, which is something utterly unusual for Mykonos in general.

Even more to the point, in case you visit the island during September you will get the chance to substantially explore Mykonos, and its unique Cycladic orientation peacefully, without being in any case annoyed by the excess, whether that be of people or of temperature.

What is there, or more to ask for, other than fully enjoying a magic Greek island with that level of beauty in your own terms, at your own time, and most importantly the minute you choose. That is perhaps the very definition of laid back vacation in a high paced destination that you have the chance to experience with the conditions that work for you. Don’t miss that chance, just have a peek here to book your villa and enjoy Mykonos like no one else!