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Syros is the Greek Island You Must Visit This Summer!

The capital island of Syros. Although one of the smallest of the Cycladic islands, it has the highest population and is home to the legal and administrative center, making it the Cycladic capital. It therefore depends less on tourism and has a steady year-round population that enjoy the best in everyday Greek life and culture. Syros is home to our new restaurant, Ousyra.


Syros is considered one of the most competitive destinations in the tourism market since its varied combination of attractions makes Syros the perfect holiday destination for every taste and group whether traveling as couples, or singles or with family.

Ermoupolis owes its name to Hermes, the god of trade. The great economic prosperity of the city was followed by a social and cultural development and the appearance of a Greek bourgeoisie.The glorious past of the capital can still be seen in its wonderful neoclassical architecture: old mansions, marble paved streets, grandiose marble squares, imposing churches, monuments, statues and well preserved superb neoclassical buildings adorn the amphitheatrically built city. This architecture justifies the various names the town often used to be called Little Milan and the Duchess of the Aegean.

Ano Syros is the second town of Syros and was built by the Venetians at the beginning of the 13th century on the hill of San Giorgio, north-west of Hermoupolis. Ano Syros maintains a medieval atmosphere. Innumerable steps between narrow streets and houses with coloured doors lead to the top of the town. The medieval settlement of Ano Syros is accessible by car; the town is served mostly by marble steps. The distance from the harbour up to the main entry point of the town is approximately 1000 metres. The Catholic cathedral of Saint George dominates Ano Syros. The cathedral church was constructed during the 13th century. From the cathedral visitors have a panoramic view of the neighbouring islands of TinosDelosMykonosParosAndros and Naxos.