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The dress code in Mykonos is only one: Your style!

The dress code in Mykonos is only one: Your style!

The summer is a glimpse away, and you are going to spend your vacations in Mykonos. That is a great choice and you know that you will have the time of your life, as you are the extroverted type who parties hard. You are also well prepared when it comes to the scenery that you are going to put yourself in to. Namely, you are aware that Mykonos means wonderful beaches with golden sand and spectacular turquoise waters, glamorous beach bars, fancy night clubs, cosmopolitan restaurants, incredible narrow alleys with famous shops, and a never-ending party vibe which exceeds any expectation.

So far so good, but before you go, give yourself a minute to realize that Mykonos is not only cool Instagram photos that you will upload to impress your friends and followers, by adding extra face value and prestige to your digital life! It is way more than that; so don’t make your life difficult by trying to fit the cover boy or girl image, and the supposed dress code that you possibly fantasize exists.

The only three ingredients you need in order to have a great time in Mykonos are your style, for finding the ideal accommodation that suits you, and some extra tips for making your style shine even more. 

Tips for her  

It’s true that the international jet set, along with a great number of well known celebrities find their way to the island every year. That obviously creates some standards, and a certain level of fashion awareness.  As you get there you will realize it instantly, by taking the very first step in the alleys of Hora, where all the heavy names of the fashion industry, more or less, have opened their boutiques. Ok, so what? This is not for us all ladies, but in any case, this is absolutely not a reason for you to get panicked, or discouraged.

Trust your style, your great big smile, and hear me out as things are simpler that you thought.  Most definitely, you will spend most of your days, and in some cases your nights too, at the beach bars dancing and drinking. Thus, you need to invest to more than one bathing suits, which you can match with a couple of stylish caftans. See? That was not so hard, was it? The next useful tip is to carry a light jacket that can easily be paired with all the other outfits that you’ll carry in your luggage, as you will feel the Mykonian breezes from the sea during the night right away.

Relax and… enjoy!

As for your afternoon walks, coffees and restaurants things get even easier! Jean sorts, T-shirts, airy shirts and blouses, casual mini dresses, and sandals synthesize the best choices, which makes you feel both comfortable and chic. On the other hand, when it comes to your nights out, whether it is for a party in a club, cocktails in a bar, or a fancy restaurant, you can always depend on an airy maxi dress that compliments your figure, along with the right accessories for a refined touch. 

Did you read something that you haven’t already known so far?  Surely not!  So, you are asking yourself what is the point of this very article.  Let me help you on that.  The point is for you to relax and enjoy your vacations in Mykonos without pressuring yourself with unnecessary thoughts. The only thing that you have to do is to trust your style for packing your bags, and navigate here for choosing your villa and to get more info about Mykonos island.

You already know what suits you best, and that is your confidence when you wear your favorite perfume, convenient outfits, which don’t need to be ridiculously expensive in order to be chic, and your wonderful big smile. Yes, I’m referring to that one, which comes naturally when you are away from the office and right on your way to your summer destination.  So, dear ladies, relax and enjoy!