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Corfu Fortress by Divine Property

TOP 6 Luxury Villas in Corfu For The Perfect Vacations

TOP 6 Luxury Villas in Corfu For The Perfect Vacations

Ideal locations, astonishing views of the Ionian Sea, unique architecture, magical sunsets - which of these luxury villas in Corfu will be your reference point to explore the mythical island of the Phaeacians?

Corfu: A Rare Crossroad of Cultures

Corfu Fortress by Divine Property

“Gradually the magic of the island [Corfu] settled over us as gently and clingingly as pollen.” - Gerald Durrell

Although that Corfu is the seventh-largest island of Greece, it's not the size that differentiates it from other prominent island destinations of the county, but its high historical and cultural value. 

The island seems to have been inhabited continuously since 1300bc, an era from which we have the first written reference. Homer also, is the one that mentioned the island in his Odyssey and made it famous under the name " the island of Phaeacians".

Over the centuries, the island has been a meeting point for various nationalities and cultures and also, a terrain of conflicts for the European and Mediterranean superpowers of each era, due to its strategic location and status. Roman, Byzantines, Genoese, Venetians and of course, Greeks shaped the island and especially the city of Corfu which later in 2007 was added to UNESCO's world heritage list. 

Some of the greatest evidence/places of interest representing this heritage and worth a visit are the Temple of Hera, the Tomb of Menecrates, the Temple of Artemis, the medieval Old-Fortress of Corfu, the Gardiki castle and last but not least, the Palace of the Austrian empress Siisy-Achilleion Palace. 

In addition, a visit to the city centre should include a walk on the Spianada square, which is the largest in the Balkans, on the sidewalk of Liston and the picturesque alleys of the old city, which are well known by the term "Kantounia" and which are crowded with people especially during the easter and summer season due to the plethora of restaurants, cafes and shops operating there.

Although today Corfu is a mainstream destination specifically for the middle and upper-middle classes, it does not mean that the island has abolished its status as kings'and royalties' resort that it gained back in the 20th century and it still maintains its cosmopolitan and luxurious character.

For this reason, our real estate expert team selects to present you a list with six luxury villas in Corfu that will take you back to the most glorious days of the island and enhance your entire holiday experience.

Divine Property's Luxury Villas in Corfu | aka Luxury Living Experience

Villa Hermione

luxury Villas in Corfu by divine property

Although that as a dedicated to the luxury living agency we have a large collection of exquisite luxury villas, Villa Hermione is perhaps one of the most iconic for both our company and Corfu as one of the most cosmopolitan destinations of Greece.

Located perfectly in the eastern side of the island, in the village Benitses that is one of the most recognizable touristic areas of Greece this villa is just 12km far from the city of Corfu and 9km from Corfu International Airport, making it the ideal reference point for exploring the island.

The complex consists of two independent luxury villas that can accommodate a total of 14 people. The estate offers anything you can ask for, unique architectural design, a heavenly garden to relax and gaze at the crystal clear - turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, an infinity pool overlooking a charming bay and of course access to a secluded beach.

At the highlights of this villa, you can co-estimate the extended service customization options, as you will be able to organize special amenities such as private chefs, massages and beauty treatments, personal training and yoga.


Villa Donna

Luxury Villas in Corfu by Divine Property

This villa is a triumph of exterior architecture, as every small and/or large detail, from the dining area and the spacious terrace to the lush garden and infinity pool are designed to create sensational moments for your family and/or friends.

As for the interiors?.. the combination of luxury French-style décor with minimal kitchen area complements the image of an establishment that has a "personality" out of the ordinary.

Located in the picturesque village of Viros, just 15 minutes' drive from Corfu Town, Villa Dona is an ideal holiday home offering privacy and accessibility.


Villa Sissy

Luxury Villas in Corfu By Divine Property

Within the island's context, when the words Sissy and Corfu are included together, you can expect nothing less than perfection.

Villa Sissy represents everything that characterized the iconic Austrian Princess who adored the island, chose to live there and added even more prestige to the Greek island in the late 18th century.

Settled on the northwest coast of Corfu, in the picturesque village of Agios Stefanos, this villa offers the necessary privacy of its guests and of course, all the amenities one would expect for a luxury villa of this status.

The marble and stone fusion in the Corfiot architectural design, the luxurious interior furniture, the magnificent scenery overlooking a secluded bay and the exclusive access to a private beach with its own mooring for yacht up to 80ft are just some of the highlights of this villa.


Villa Lotus

Luxury Villas in Corfu by Divine Property

"Homer in Odyssey described that when soldiers ate the lotus fruits they didn't want to return home or continue their journey, this villa generates the same side effects for its guests"

Situated in a peaceful location on the northeast side of Corfu, just 11.4 km away from the well-known Cassiope area, this stunning cliff-top villa will be your private Ionian observatory.

The property is fully integrated into the rocky and lush landscape, allowing you to immerse yourself in the magic environment of Ionian Island.


Villa Nausika

Luxury Villas in Corfu by Divine Property

This astonishing piece from our luxury villa portfolio has been built to meet one main objective; take full advantage of its spot and offer its visitors unlimited views of the Ionian horizon and the rocky landscape of Albania's neighbouring coast. It can accommodate up to 12 people and is designed to offer a holistic experience indoors and outdoors with every desirable comfort.


Of course here at Divine Property we never stop to evaluate and add new exceptional properties to our portfolio for the most luxurious destinations throughout Greece. That is why we encourage you to scrawl our website and contact us to plan the experience you have always dreamed of...

Truly yours, 

Divine Property Team