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Where to stay in Mykonos: An accommodation experience for all tastes

Where to stay in Mykonos: An accommodation experience for all tastes

You have already decided to spend your summer vacations in the majestic Greek island of Mykonos, in the island group of Cyclades, located in the Aegean Sea, and you are very excited and eager to get there. You have heard and read so many interesting stories, and you cannot wait to be a part of the most party oriented scene there is.

After the decision has been made it is time to make your accommodation arrangements.  When reaching that critical point you should stop and have a talk with yourself.  As you may know, most of the times the actual question concerns whether the glamorous hotel that you are going to pick is located near a famous Mykonian beach, or the Mykonos Town. 

Believe it or not, this is not even the correct question that needs to be answered, unless you are the all time classic unsuspecting tourist, who lucks the sophistication and the maturity to get the very best out of Mykonos. 

Due to the cosmopolitan worldview, when it comes to traveling there are two types of people.  Namely, on the one hand there is the hotel type, and on the other hand there is the want-it-all type.  Evidently, the first type corresponds to the person who although can enjoy everything restricts his/herself by staying in a hotel, no matter how luxurious it might be. The latter category corresponds to the type of person who has both the resources and the knowledge to choose more wisely. 

Needless to say that Mykonos contains some of the most prestigious hotels scattered all around the small island.  You can find best quality hotels by the sea, near the famous Mykonian beaches, or in the Chora. However, this is irrelevant if you are the demanding kind, who requires the value for money.  The best response there is, if you indeed identify yourself in the latter, is to be found in

The choices are plenty in case you can separate the notion of glamour from the luxurious lifestyle.  If you are able to do so, we can talk seriously about villas.  At that point the whole agenda shifts from the very basics to the substantial; namely, your personal character, as different cosmopolitan characters may prefer different locations, architectural characteristics, and view options for the villa of their choice.

Sunset view villas

That particular choice, whether it is located near the Mykonos Town, or in a village, is intended for the romantic and laid back cosmopolitan traveler, who enjoys being inspired by the colorful palette of the Mykonian sunset.

Waterfront villas

The establishments which are located by the sea are for those who don’t get fully satisfied only by the use of their private luxurious pool. They tend to be fanatic sea lovers who crave all the possible adventures that the underwater experience has to offer.

Cliff top villas

Mykonos villas also provide the exclusive privilege of enjoying the island from the above, by being located on a cliff with a breath taking view.  This particular guest is characterized by his or her persistence with being in absolute control of his/her privacy, and at the same time have the option of being in the right spot easily, when an interesting party is about to be thrown.

Secluded Villas 

Last but not in case least, are the establishments which are located in the secluded, hard to reach places.  These villas are made for those who need and protect their absolute privacy at any cost.  Most likely these properties are either bought, or rented by high profile persons, jet setters, or even celebrities who are followed by the paparazzi, and the public eye is constantly on them. 

Whatever your preferences might be, you will find the perfect villa of your choice in Mykonos.  Relax and enjoy!