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Milos Luxury Villas to Rent Overview

The Best Luxury Villas for Rent in Milos

During the last years, Milos Island is considered a must destination to visit during your summer holiday! Let's see the best luxury villas for rent in Milos from Divine Property.

More and more jetsetters choose Milos for a unique stay experience, as well as families and friends and honeymooners.

During your stay at Milos Island you may select several activities, such as swimming at the popular sandy beaches, or make a walking tour following ancient old paths, or visit the secluded beaches offering wild beauty.

Also, Milos is offering great traditional tastes such as handmade pies, the so-called “ladeniés” (oil-made) and “tireniés” (with cheese filling).

Top Suggestions

The unique shapes of the rocks and their wonderful colours at the beautiful white sandy beaches are one expression of the volcanic features of Mílos

References had been made by Hippocrates to the peculiar morphology of spectacular caves (Papáfragkas and Sykiá) and a multitude of thermal springs (Kanáva, Alykí, Provatá, Pikropiyí).The diving enthusiasts will find a paradise in the underwater caves in the triangle formed by Mílos, Kimolos and Polýegos islands.

The popular villages: Pláka (the island’s capital), the harbour of Adámantas, the beautiful Hivadolímni, the marvellous Emporiós with the little lagoon of Revary and the old iron mines, are highly recommended places to visit.

Numerous options of beaches are features at Milos, is a must to visit as many beaches as you can! The white rocky landscape that embraces Sarakíniko forms an once-in-a-lifetime encountered lunar landscape while on Kléftiko, which can be reached only by boat, you can dive in secluded rocky caves with crystal clear waters. Add the wild beauty of Alogomántra, the open cave of Papáfragkas, the sheltered Ahivadolímni- the biggest beach on the island where also the island’s camping site is situated- and the beaches of Fyripláka, Yérakas and Tsigrádos adorned with grayish-red rocks.


Milos boasts the biggest network of dirt roads on the Cyclades. Experience on a walking tour following ancient-old paths, which used to be the only “road network” until the previous century. Many of them lead to secluded beaches of pure wild beauty. Try easy routes like the one starting from Catacombs and ending at Profétis Elías (2,5 km, 35’); more difficult routes like the route Filakopí- Papáfragkas -Sarakíniko- Mandrákia (9km, 3hr) or a five-hour-route from Cape Vani to Áyia Marina boasting an astonishing landscape variety. The area of Ahivadolímni is ideal for wind-surfing, whereas the dirt road network in the areas of Emporió and Trahilas is perfect for off-road adventures.

Taste mouth-watering handmade pies, the so-called “ladeniés” (oil-made) and “tireniés” (with cheese filling).

Accommodation: On the island you will mostly find family-run guesthouses; the big and luxurious five-star hotels have only established their presence over the last years. You can also choose to stay in one of the traditional colourful villas by the sea, the so-called “sýrmata”, mostly found on the settlements of Klýma, Madrákia, Mýtakas and Fyropótamos.

Hot tips for romantic couples: Wander around the castle district at dusk when the sun washes Chóra with its warm golden light… The Castle’s top, the benches on the courtyard of Panayiá Korfiátissa church or Panayiá Thalassýtra are all ideal spots to enjoy this breathtaking scenery that will certainly weave a powerful spell on you… How about private dives on secluded beaches and well-hidden rocky caves? Rent a boat from Adamantas Port and you will find yourself on beaches that you have never thought of putting foot on in your life!

Milos is a volcanic island of Cyclades, a very picturesque and treasured Island, rich in history since it was habited on the pre-historic, Minoan Civilization.

The white sandy beaches of Milos are the most outstanding and beautiful from the Greek Islands, offering a different beach to explore for each day of the year!

Sarakiniko beach and Kleftiko (that can be reached only by boat are the most popular beaches, with the shape of the rocks from the volcanic features of Milos.

A very welcoming Island with gorgeous beaches, where no parties and nightlife exist, mostly preferred by high-end travelers who are looking for a unique holiday destination.

Plaka, is the Island's Capital, a lovely village, including the harbor of Adamantas.