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The culinary experience in Mykonos

It is well known that Mykonos has it all. Namely, the Island of the Winds offers archaeological treasures that echo its historical richness, beauty, which combines harmoniously the natural with the manmade, around the clock parties which reflect its revitalizing energy, and luxurious services that match its cosmopolitan aura. 

That very scenery makes you wonder whether there is anything else that a place for vacation could possibly include. Yet, there is something more that compliments the island’s atmosphere, and makes it even more complete.  That something is the food.

Indeed, Mykonos has already built a notable reputation for fine dining with choices that range greatly in order to satisfy even the most demanding palates. The culinary experience though is definitely not exhausted, or limited to the gourmet restaurants with international cuisine.

To the contrary, for justifying as a sophisticated traveler rather than a tourist, or a visitor you may also taste the local cuisine, which in Mykonos is definitely worth the bite. 

For doing so, you can leave your top luxurious villas for a while, and take your time to walk around the island in order to explore what Mykonos tastes like.  Some of the classic dishes that represent its gastronomical spirit include the so called mostra with kopanisti, which is a spicy flavored cheese with creamy texture, the delicious handmade sausages, and the famous louza, which is dried out thin slices of pork seasoned with local spices, and last but not least kalathaki, which is an excellent sweet delicacy and resembles an almond cake. 

Regardless of your preferences when it comes to your favorite flavors, and the formal or informal restaurants that you choose to enjoy your meals, there is a spot in Mykonos which reflects, amplifies, and definitely compliments your moments, whether you are an adventurous eater or not. 

For your elegant moments

If your moment requires an elegant choice, both in terms of the quality of the menu, and the surrounding environment, M-eating is the place to be.  This chic fine dining restaurant is located in Mykonos Town, and constitutes a great sample of the unique Cycladic architecture in white, with wooden touches, and a beautiful veranda, in order for the guest to enjoy the five-star dishes outdoors. 

For your cozy moments

For the moments that you need to relax away from the Mykonian hectic atmosphere by taking a break in a secluded cozy spot, Kikis Tavern is the idyllic destination.  This spot is located on the beach of Agios Sostis, and draws its unique charm by the primitive way that the owner operates.  

In more detail, the food is prepared out in the open, as there is no electricity to support the establishment, and the grilled delicacies are served table by table, due to the order of arrival. It is also worth mentioning that this alternative situation is taking place on a wonderful shaded patio with a great view of the sea.  

For some Little Venice romance

If you are up for a wooden balcony over the sea with a majestic view of the turquoise waters, and the famous windmills you are headed to Katerina’s Bar-Restaurant. This is the perfect spot for a nice evening meal, and the chance to experience a romantic moment in Mykonos’ Little Venice, which is located in the center of Chora. Just remember to make a reservation as the balcony has only three tables. 

For more intimate moments

If you are also in a romantic mood, but you are looking for more privacy, then Eva’s Garden works perfectly for you. Located in Mykonos Town as well, this place resembles an oasis for more intimate moments. Here, you can enjoy great local specialties by sitting in a petite outdoor patio with vines all around. 

For having the opportunity to see and taste all the above, let DivineProperty provide you with the right accommodation choices, and feel free to find your way through the cultural journey of Mykonos’ culinary experience.

In any case, the food and the environment in which you taste it, have the power to create the right or wrong atmosphere for your vacations. Yet, when the two match your exact mood by capturing your moment, they create the experience of a lifetime.